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May 12, 2008

My Social Media Services

My goal is to work closely with each client, making sure that their ideas and visions are incorporated into the media, marketing, and web development services and consultations that I provide. Through understanding and working with each client's unique goals and specific needs, I have built a strong base of happy and satisfied clients.
Social Media Solutions and Services:

- Internet Marketing Consulting and Strategies
- Web Production and Design Solutions
- Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization
- Content Development and Blogging
- Internet Research and Discovery
- Content Aggregation and Copy Writing
- Marketing Creatives and Web Design
- Email Marketing and Campaign Development
- Artist Branding Identity Development
- Electronic Press Kit Development (EPK)
Keys To A Successful Website
The definition of success with your website depends on the purpose of your website. But whether the purpose is to support an off-line business, to sell your products on-line, to generate passive income from affiliate programs or other advertising, or simply to share your interest in a hobby or profession, your website will need appropriate traffic. And in order to draw traffic, you must first think very carefully about what need your website addresses.
Together we will define your internet marketing plan and strategies before building your new website.

Capture Your Target Audience!
Internet Marketing is taken in to consideration prior to the design phase when building your online profile or company website. Proper planning by our internet marketing specialists and design staff will allow us to capture your target audience. Our trained online marketing professionals will assist you with creating a concept for you or your organization which will yield optimal results.

Design to impress and to retain visitors!
Colors tell us about things. We will help reinforce the internal logic of design elements. Our designers develop the site to appeal and trigger the emotions of your target audience. Keeping design elements the same from page to page, and extending the look of one element to similar elements, will bring uniformity to the site.

This lets a users know, as they maneuvers through the site, that their still on the site. If you have ever been to a site that had a different look for each page you will eventually notice that you lose your interest in the site, which makes the probability of the visitor returning quite low. Users should enter a site and feel like they are physically moving through a real, coherent place.

Marketing your website within Search Engines
Search Engines are great tools to bring traffic for a product or service which tailors to a niche market. Millions of people search online daily for a specific topic. We make sure that your website is created to be search engine friendly and easily spidered by the major search engines.

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