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July 21, 2011

5 Key Tips About The New Google+ (Google Plus)

You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Google+ (Plus), the newest social network under the massive internet conglomerate. Google+ is now open to all of its users after being closed off to a selected few who could shell out invites to those cool enough to be included in the network. Google has set its sights on making a popular and user friendly social network after bombing on its predecessor, Google Wave, that tanked before it got off to a good start. Google+, some think, is a more stripped down (or bastard child) of Facebook that boasts the best of Facebook and Twitter, and so far, I really like it.

But just like any new thing on the innerwebs, there are always those that simply don’t get it--I mean, how many times did you have to explain to someone how to use Twitter before people finally caught on? Google+ has its advantages and I can see it being one of the most used social networks, especially since they learned from their unfortunate Wave debacle in 2009. There are skeptics that aren’t ready to get on Google+, or those that are on it and spend more time complaining about it than they do using it.
Here are my 5 things people should stop doing when referring to Google+.

5 things people should stop doing when referring to Google+ (Google Plus)
By The Cubical Chick

1. Complaining that anyone can add you on Google+:

Um, unless your account is private on Twitter, then anyone can follow you there as well. Not sure why people have an issue with anyone adding them because Twitter is the model for this feature on Google+. You add people that you follow and to your circle who you think add value to your stream, and if they want, they can add you to their circle or circles. Facebook is more closed, in that you have to approve people to be your friend, but Google+ allows for easy access--if you are using it to network, especially for business purposes, then of course you should be accessible to people. Duh!

2. Comparing Google+ to other social networks:

It’s a given that Google+ is a relative of both Twitter and Facebook—, picking it apart and comparing it to these platforms is a waste of time. I am already hearing data that Google+ is going to have more users than Facebook in a set amount of time, but this is social media—anything goes and anything can happen. Who would’ve thought in 2006 that Myspace would be a dinosaur in 2011?

3. Being a hater:

Come on, social media is about creating new ways for us to engage and network. I can understand you not jumping on the Google+ bandwagon, but why complain about it? If it isn’t your thing, carry on. No need to frown.

4. What is Google+?:

You are on the internet, folks. If you have a question, it’s easy to get an answer. You don’t know how many times I’ve been asked what Google+ is. And it’s not that I don’t mind sharing information, but it’s easy to get an answer on your own. Use Google to find out what Google+ is. Or better yet, sign up and play around with it yourself to get firsthand experience.

5. Discounting Google+ as a viable social network:

When social networking, you need to be everywhere. I want to reach as many readers as possible so you won’t find me NOT being on something that can create opportunities for me to engage with others. If you aren’t on Google+, then you aren’t using social media to your advantage. Create your page via your email address (before someone else takes your name) and explore. You need to be everywhere your readers are (if you are a blogger) so saying no to a viable social network is a big no/no, in my humble opinion, of course.

Google+ is off to a running start and I see myself using it more and more for my blog and to connect with others.

Are you on Google+?   What are your thoughts? 

Written By The Cubicle Chick

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